VR Box—Virtual Reality Glasses Review

VR Box


First off, I’ve always wanted to try out this ‘Virtual Reality’ thing. It was a dream come true when I had this right at my doorstep. Every anime fan must have heard of “Sword Art Online” at some point, right? It’s an anime where you wear a virtual reality apparatus so that you can experience otherworldly effects, graphics and sights. With this, I tried out first the one presented to me by Google, the rollercoaster 3D ride. It was nauseating, as I am not fond of twirly rides; got sick for a bit. Next, I downloaded other 3D apps on my cellphone like London VR where it places you on a trip to London. It was amazing, you can be at any place at any time with this product!

Now for the device, it consists of the usual 3D glasses(hopefully tempered), the plastic chassis(which holds the internal glasses and inclusive paraphernalia) and the head strap(adjustable). Weight? Well, it’s quite heavy actually, for an average person, you can use it for 15-30 minutes before your neck starts to hurt from the weight or something (if left strapped) but if you support it with your hands, you can go on for longer periods, unless you’re uncomfortable using your hands while immersed in virtual reality mode.

If I have spare time, I will release a youtube video on my channel using this 3D goggles. You can check out my unboxing and review video by clicking on the link below the image above. For now, that is all I can review on. Until next time! Ciao~