Dawn of the Dead (2004) Snip


Can’t help but react to this. Eating lunch when this aired. What a bipolar freak.

Not only that, but there’s this stupid scene where the girl has a gun (surely it had bullets left, never saw her shooting right after three shots off the gun during that mob of zombies) and later on saw a hanging zombie on their van, who can’t even lay a finger on them. Here comes old man jump-starting a chainsaw instead and not bother using any gun (and i’m sure as hell they got lots of pistols right in there) inside a moving van with a reckless driver, who bumps into obstacles and shaking the old man right up to the girl with a live chainsaw and sawed-off the living daylights out of her.

He could’ve used a pistol but NOOOOOOOOO~ HE WANNA USE THE FRIGGIN’ CHAINSAW and cause mayhem inside the van!

Old man Jenkins,  YOU DA REAL MVP!

Movie Rating: Disaster/10


Top 10 Lessons (Frozen)


Here I am, watching the famous Disney movie, Frozen — in 2015, where probably all the people in the universe have already memorized the song Let it Go and Do You Wanna Build a Snowman.

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