Video Game Hermit — The Intro

2016-04-30 17_17_42-YouTube
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Hey hey hey! The Video Game Hermit is here! Sorry for the awkward intro and stuff on the video (yeah, I suck, deal with it!) I’m the VGH a.k.a Shiba Tatsuya(not my real name but still…) bringing you the latest games and updates, screenshots, videos and reviews. For more info on the games that I would be reviewing and updates, click on this LINK here or you can click the ‘Continue reading’ on my UPDATES post.


Alms for the Poor Program

As a starting blogger, I have a proposition to make. This involves donating as a form of alms for the poor as well as to help me as a blogger to grow big and do more donation drives!

Learn more about the donation plan/system, please check it out through a page I’ve created.

Click Menu(upper-right side of the page) > Alms for the Poor

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