Alms for the Poor


I’ve never been a fan of seeing sick people outside the church or kids running around town asking for food, clothing and a place to stay. It’s a heavy feeling that we all experience.

So let’s make this interesting — see the Donate button in my homepage? 0_pleasedonate2

Read the caption.

For every dollar ($1) you donate, I will, in turn, donate the $0.60 dollar to help the poor people in my community.

Of course, you wouldn’t believe I’d do that, that’s natural but to firmly show my loyalty, I will post pictures or a video of me donating your money to the poor via YouTube or Facebook videos and will post it here in the blog. How does that sound? Not only do you motivate me, but you help the poor through me as my thanks for your subscription and interest in my blog.

If I grow big as a blogger, we can make a mass donation drive to help more people through your alms and improve the system of donation.

I will be your medium that will help shape the less fortunate in my country into better people with better lives. Doesn’t that sound awesome?


I go to church every Sunday. That’s when I make my donations. BUT I will personally hand over the money to the poor. Some would say, “Why not donate it to the church instead? They will handle the rest just like the donations asked to help the church/poor.”

NO. I do not believe in that system. Do not ask me why but I will give you this statement:

“I believe in giving it directly to the ones in need and not through a religious system.”



I came up with a system to help the poor through your donations with a challenge. This(I) will not give you a physical reward as recompense for your deeds but it will recompense you with the satisfaction of helping others and to motivate to help others in need. So in this system, I will expound a little bit of the details.


Donation caption said, “$1 = $0.60 to poor people donation drive!”. A person donates $10 flat-donation, this means that a single transaction, no accumulation of payment but a single giving; thus, flat $10-dollar donation. 60% of it ($6) will be honored to the poor as donations from you lovely people with a commanding power that you will endow me with.

Due to the pricing of food here in the Philippines, food is a bit expensive for the less fortunate but buying a loaf of bread would cost around $1.5~$1.8 (conversion approximated). Bottled water costs around $0.50~$0.80. Plain shirts and pants would cost around $4.5~$5.5 per piece. With regard to these values and my 40/60 system, the donation program will go like this:

  • For every accumulative donation from $1-$9.99 , 60% of it MUST BE SPENT ON:
    • food, water and spare change for the awardee.
      • NOTE: Delayed service and shopping at the expense on accumulation.


  • For every $10 flat-donation, 1 awardee will have $6 and receives:
    • food and water
    • spare change


  • For every $15 flat-donation, 1 awardee will have $9 and receives:
    • 1 plain shirt
    • food and water (better food)
    • spare change


  • For every $20 flat-donation, 1 awardee will have $12 and receives:
    • 1 plain shirt
    • 1 plain pants
    • food and water (better food)
    • spare change


  • For every $25 flat-donation, 1 awardee will have $15 and receives:
    • 1 plain shirt
    • 1 plain pants
    • 1 pair of slippers
    • food and water (better food)
    • spare change


NOTE: If you donate a single payment in between the options, you will only give me the privilege of using the LOWER bracket. So if you donate $21-$24.99(single payment), you will only give the $12-privilege to the awardee instead of the $15-privilege.


As far as a new blogger can go, I can do this much for awards. This is a challenge, not a compulsory act. You may or may not donate but as a blogger that has this kind of mindset, I APPEAL to you to help me, help them (the less fortunate) to a better future and a better life! No more than this, no BS — just you, me, your donations and the people of the world that needs food, water and clothing to live the days by.


Also, as a person who is grateful as a human being that lived a life of sloth-ery and luck, as I grow (a blogger and a medium for philanthropists), I will upgrade things for the donation as well. Like for example, improving the B/D(Blogger/Donation) system, let’s say… a 20/80 system? 20% for me, 80% for the community, how does that sound to you? Well, that is if I can grow more people into this blog.

So let’s help each other out and in turn, I will be the “donating machinery” that you will forge to help others live a life like ours — with happiness and content!