About me?

Well, I’m a simple person — dedicated to gaming, either phone or computer games, a little bit of movies here and there and mostly about anime, manga, making memes, creating screenshots to sell (while I’m at it, making memes out of anime and make a living out of it) and yeah, mostly a computer hermit — always sitting in front of my computer. I do game reviews, playing through and posting it on YouTube and make a blog out of those.

I also own the alias “Shiba Tatsuya”. Do check out my Facebook page to support me by liking or donating (well, technically buying) a dollar or less for my anime memes and editable screenshots to help me make more content or if you don’t have the luxury of visiting these pages, you could directly donate a dollar or two (or less than a dollar) through my PayPal links spread throughout this blog. It’s not compulsory but I’m not asking for much either, just a kind heart, a comment or attention for this up and coming blog would motivate me a lot. Hit me up at twitter as well! Thanks!





April 26, 2016

Let’s make this interesting — see the Donate button in my homepage? Read the caption.

For every dollar ($1) you donate, I will, in turn, donate half of every dollar I receive to help the poor people in my community. Of course, you wouldn’t believe I’d do that, that’s natural but to firmly show my loyalty, I will post a video of me donating your money to the poor via YouTube or Facebook videos and will post it here in the blog. How does that sound? Not only do you motivate me, but you help the poor through me as my thanks for your subscription. If I grow big as a blogger, we can make a donation drive to help more people through your alms.

I will be your medium that will help shape the less fortunate in my country into better people with better lives. Doesn’t that sound awesome?