Nekopara Vol.0

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It’s been on my desktop for so long now. I’ve played the first series, Nekopara Vol.1 and during that time, I was not able to film it, but maybe next time, i’ll replay it to post up on my youtube channel.

For newcomers, what is Nekopara?

It is a visual novel that revolves around the story of a patissier who owns six(6) catgirls and their everyday life.
Catgirls are girls that are… well—CATS. In Japan, cats are called Neko, where the title came from and para from paradise. Thus, Nekopara means “Cat Paradise”. Additionally, this game as well as its former (and the Vol.2) contains NSFW content and images, movements so stay alert when in public or non-private moments when playing/watching this.

If you’re interested, check out my gameplay/playthrough above to get the gist of the game.

Note: Nekopara Vol.0 is the prequel to Vol.1 (obviously), but the release date of this game was scheduled later than the first because this game is a fandisc, meaning was made because fans requested for more than just the release of the first game.

One more thing, Vol.2 was released earlier this year and of course, I will be making a video out of that too. 🙂 Keep checking my blog for updates and my youtube channel for more android game reviews and unboxing and stuff. Ciao!~


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