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I used to play Elsword years back. It was fun while it lasted before I got busy on my college days. Recently, I saw news on the game going mobile! Having the opportunity to beta test the game, it’s like you’ve shrunk your computer and be able to play it right out of your pocket! The modern innovation of smartphones made this possible for Elsword fans and newcomers as I have enjoyed this game way back before it was cool. The only problem I had with this game was its ‘generic’ reiteration of most google play games. Tutorial-driven quests are kind of boring so I had high hopes of this game when I played it but maybe after reaching the ‘non-tutorial’ stages of the game, it may have its cool effects and gameplay right after. I never got to the point of going through this game to the middle stages since I have more game reviews to come and it’s not like I hate the game because of the tutorial-based gameplay, but I play games that are ‘ultimately’ awesome. You know? Those games where even after installing and uninstalling so many games on your phone, you still keep it as it is because it’s ‘ultimately’ fun and for my taste, I take the games that require less attention but still fun like tap games.

See my playthroughs above and I halted on the advance in my games at gameplay number 3 as it is the point where you are to grind a bit to advance to the next stages of the game, upgrade your equips, deal with your pets, leveling up and so on and so forth.

Hope you like this layman’s review on the game and subscribe to my YouTube channel for more videos to come! I’d appreciate it also if you’d leave a like or a comment to boost my morale because that’s what keeps me motivated in making more videos for you guys. Thanks and ciao!~


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