Battleborn Tap

Battleborn-TapBattleborn TapBBT2Revive BB

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So the hype on Battleborn is on, huh? I’ve no money whatsoever to purchase the game and resorted to the mobile game they released called Battleborn Tap. Well, it’s the usual—tap games. One thing about this game that perks me up everytime I open it is the pack opening. Now, this seems a bit cliche but the pack openings are the same as other tap games, wherein you open it and it contains gems, equips, etc. It’s probably the colors that entice me in playing this game. Epic packs contain epic content and other common items. Upgrading these equips take time as you have to collect orange shards from normal packs but it is rewarding in the long run. Having to upgrade that epic gear into its legendary form gives you that accomplishment feel and makes you feel alive compared to other generic tap games. Try it out! I give this one an equal trade with Attack on Moe, my first favorite.


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