Tap Knight and the Dark Castle

Tap Knight and the Dark Castle

ßeta Gameplay | 40k Attempt | Breaking the 50,000 Distance Barrier | Freeze Bug

May 8,2016;1:29AM—Breaking the barrier and ranked #1 on the Google Play ladder for this game during beta test.

May 8, 2016;12AM—Ranked 2nd on my recent attempt! Going to take that #1 spot in just a bit!
May 7,2016—Currently ranked #3 in Google Rankings on the Beta game, woohoo! ^_^


Had enough of Tap Titans and Attack on Moe? Here comes another one! TKDC is a new rendition of the famous tap games and what’s good about it is it gives you the nostalgia of pixelated games. As usual, you tap to progress through monsters and distance from the entrance where you came from. This game has a diverse upgrade system unlike the former two. You can upgrade your hero, companions and weapons on both! How cool is that? In addition, you earn ‘freemium’ currency like meat to permanently upgrade your stats and companions by a certain degree; be it stats, gold drop bonus, decreasing upgrade costs and many more to choose from. Additionally, you have another ‘freemium’ currency called Ores. These ores are obtained from chests and to open chests, you have a fair chance of getting keys to unlock chests. This isn’t as hard as it sounds since you just earn keys like its a loot from a monster like gold. Opening chests give you 1 ore. These ores are then used to acquire/forge equipments. Equipments range from 1~3-star equipments using the 50-ore option and 2~4-star equipments from the 250-ore option; this is essential to progress faster in the game and I recommend saving up for the 250-ore option as it gives you a higher chance to earn 4-star equips. Another thing to take note in this game is you have a chance to pickup equipment sets located below your health bar. If you complete the set, you will be given a ‘Fever Time’, where most games portray this as a bonus power-up. It lets you speed up through the dungeon, killing the monsters swiftly, disabling you the ability to tap temporarily and the AI automatically maximizes the tap for you.

Since this is still in ßeta(and sadly only beta testers are the only ones who can play right now), there seems to be a bug on acquiring jewels/gems. Accepting achievements that will reward you with gems will still be zero—needs to be fixed. Any other elements in the game seems okay. Will be updating more once the game becomes official, but for now, my current stats are shown below to give you a heads up on what the game is, visually.

Your home page once you start the game/app.
Character page—view your stats, weapons and upgrades.
Weapon page—stats and list of acquired weapons.
Companions’ page—stats,weapons and upgrades(and the list of companions in the images below).


Meat(Freemium currency) page—contains permanent upgrades.
Boss encyclopedia
Acquired costumes and stats.
Weapon encyclopedia
Dungeon time! Kill monsters and earn gold to upgrade stats, weapons and many more!
Weapon Forging—acquire 4-star equips and be a boss!
After forging, acquired a 3-star Magician weapon, sweet!
Boss time! Kill it before you run out of potions!

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