Royal Giant—The BUFF is real!


Gameplay | Gameplay #2

Ever since I acquired my first Royal Giant card, I tested its potential to the maximum. It’s quite rare to see Royal Giant users in any games I played against and so I have the urge to use it way before it was buffed in the recent May 3 update. During its time with the -1 range, it proved to me that it’s still useful in many ways, more than the giant can offer. With its range capability, it posed a threat to enemies who uses PEKKAs and minis as well. I tried backing it up with a witch and it looks like everything’s in place even with just the two of them on the offense. Couple them up with a Zap and a Fireball, it will surely wreck minion horde users and minis like gobs and skeletons users as well. Picking cannon is the best there is since the update, but before the update, the bomb tower was a solid choice. I changed it to cannon because of it’s dispensable cost for taking aggro on most enemy counterattacks like hogs ang princes. Always reserve gobs if you think there are heavy unit users such as users of PEKKA and princes. A Zap is to create a one-hit take down on the minions and other minis, as long as no front meatshields are present. Archers are pseudo-anti-air in this deck. Elixir Collectors are needed to pump out two royal giants in double elixir time as well as pumping out spells and cannons to defensively counterattack heavy unit users. Potentially, I suggest using Royal Giants instead of Giants. Why? It’s a little bit of a mind trick: You drop down a royal giant, where anybody knows that it’s not a threat until it come across the bridge. With the +1 range buff on May 3, it was deadlier than any of the towers except a well-timely placed inferno tower. The deadly part of the royal giant is that it tricks the mind of opponents that it has weak damage(and yes I truly accept it has no power as compared to hogs) but because he’s tough enough to take more than 15 tower shots alone, means that he is as deadly as a hog if left unguarded. Deadly is nothing, but with a witch behind it, it’s deadlier than anything. Thus, opponents tend to push out troops out of their deck to eliminate the royal giant as fast as possible to reach out to the backline. Meanwhile, as you stack up more elixirs, you may either push more offensively OR you can switch a lane with another royal giant(if possible) and archers behind it and since gobs are so cheap, you can dish it in too. With two royal giants, a heavy unit deck user will probably have a hard time dealing two lanes pushed out, not to mention that you have backup spells to reinforce the royal giants. For more detail on how to play the deck, check out the gamplay link above.

Quick tip: If you think that your units other than the royal giant is prone to tower aggro or unit aggro behind your royal giants(due to wrong placement of units or the like), you can always send out a Zap to change aggro of enemy units and/or towers. THIS is the power of this deck.


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