Attack on Moe



Gameplay + Review

Current progress(May 5,2016)

What do you get when you mix Attack on Titans with moe girls? You get Attack on Moe! This game is similar to Tap Titans(the first one I played) and instead of gruesome monsters, you get moe monsters AND moe girls as bosses! Wouldn’t you like that? Wan-wan Kobold is the one in the picture above and many more are to be unlocked in this game. What you do is just tap away and that’s it! You damage and eliminate monsters(or the poor moe girls) and gain gold. With the gold you earn, you upgrade your stats, learn or upgrade your skills or hire/upgrade your heroes(the ones who help you damage the monsters). It is advisable that you concentrate on your heroes rather than yourself(the one in the middle) so that when you go offline(AFK), you have the passive DPS(damage-per-second) on the bosses while you’re not playing it actively,thus, gaining you passive gold when you return. Although, if you want to beat up the levels faster, you might want to up your own level by around 200-300 so that you can deal appropriate damage to the bosses that will last for around stages 30-60. Doing a ‘Reborn’ will help you gain moe points which in turn will help you buy moetifacts(moe artifacts) that are permanent bonuses that will help you further into the game. Occasionally, you will see fairies flying around and you have to tap them to gain bonus gold or gems. When you have access to the internet, these fairies will either drop gold, gems or give you a much more higher bonuses on these two options by letting you have the choice of watching a video ad. Bonus tip: If you have a slow internet connection, you can actually cancel the ad by locating the X or the close button before the ad starts, saving you the few seconds of agonizing advertisements and get back into the game as fast as you can.


  • What is the best way to spend gems?
    • Gems are used in the last tab of your game, where you can spend it on a variety of selections. The best time(if you can be patient enough) to use your gems is to wait up a stage where you can’t handle the boss anymore and then spend 100 gems on Oberon’s Treasure, which grants you a TON of gold based on your current stage level. Don’t reserve your gems even if you have like 200+ or 300+ gems, you NEED to use them in order to get to higher levels. Plus, you can always earn gems when you level up your intimacy with your moe girls or do the online fairy drops.
  • What to do when your hero(es) dies?
    • When your strongest hero dies or if any of your hero dies, it’s better to wait up the timer and continue playing, as long as you can handle the boss. If not, you can just rest for a bit, do something else BUT DO NOT spend gems on reviving(unless you’re a rich, pay-to-win kind of player, then feel free to spend). It is better to spend your time elsewhere when you can’t handle the boss anymore and do something productive(or not).Screenshot_2016-05-05-17-02-21
  • Heroes or yourself?
    • Well, you have to be the judge of that. Sometimes it’s better to earn yourself some upgrades because certain levels increase your tap damage dramatically. Sometimes as well, you need to boost up your earlier heroes to gain those passive bonuses on certain levels (10,25,50,100,200,400,etc.) as they have some passives like increase tap damage, increase gold drops and increase damage on bosses. You can tap on the hero’s portrait to see what kind of passive bonuses they can offer at certain levels.
  • When to REBORN?
    • In my experience, I do a Reborn when I think I have the appropriate amount of moe points that I can get but also I take into consideration of the intimacy of my moe girls. I sometimes reborn to take advantage of defeating again the 50 levels to earn that 5th-level moe intimacy strokes again to help me gain MORE moe points since the first 50 stages of the game is relatively easy to earn/farm the moe points/moe intimacy strokes. I guess some people have never used this as an advantage but I see this as an easier way to earn the moe points to unlock more moetifacts(moe artifacts). You just have to stroke, defeat stages 1-50, rinse and repeat.
  • When to AFK?
    • AFK when you have earned the stage where you can’t defeat the boss anymore. That way, you earn that stage’s proportional gold and be at ease in real life, since you have to AFK somewhere, sometime to earn that rest.
  • TIP #1: Spend your intimacy strokes and be active on the timer(if you want to actively reach a higher level or something). Always spend the intimacy strokes on the moe girl that you have already allocated points on. That way, you can easily earn moe points and unlock artifacts much quicker.
  • TIP #2: When you’re online, try to get as much ‘online’ fairies as you can. You can earn 100 gems or more(approximation) a day if you’re active enough as well as a ton of gold. You can cancel the ad video if you’re fast enough by locating the X mark or the close button before the ad starts(when you have a bit of a slower connection, you can achieve this easily).Screenshot_2016-05-05-17-07-49



The main screen of the game. You can tap right away after opening the app.
Online fairy bonus—earn tons of gold and 5 gems at an instance.
Heroes tab—upgrade your heroes or hire new heroes.
Your tab—upgrade hero or skill levels or unlock new skills. Reborn available in Level 600.
Moetifacts tab—buy your next moetifact or upgrade your current ones.
Shop tab—spend your gems on a variety of options. Oberon’s Treasure is the most optimal choice.
Moepedia—unlock more moe girls by defeating certain stages and stroke your girls to earn intimacy points. Leveling up your intimacy on each moe girl will earn you gems and moe points.
Wanwan Kobold~chan’s page. Stroke stroke stroke~

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