Zyon : The Rhythm Game




You heard of games like O2Jam and Osu! Now, a new rhythm game has arrived. Check out the gameplay in the link above. It’s like every rhythm game but with a twist. You have options to liven up the gameplay. There is an in-game store where you can buy tracks other than the free samples given to you by a fair amount of money. Additionally, you can purchase themes(the girls) and additional in-game currency or the full package to unlock all purchasable things in this game. Even with the default tracks, it’s hard to keep up when you try to use the normal mode(I don’t know if this applies to rhythm gamers but I for one find it hard to play because I’m not a rhythm gamer). You should check this out, it’s a fresh new addition to the likes of Cytus. There are a lot of options and you can tweak it to your style or make it challenging, you decide on your fate and tap away!

Main/Home page
Info: Collection—Choose genre to have additional bonuses when scoring in games.
Info: Journey—Your stats on the lifetime of your gaming in Zyon.
Shop:Featured—most recent in-app purchasable additions.
Shop: Theme—purchasable girls(ayyye), I mean themes to help boost your points in playing.
Shop: Music—additional songs purchasable to keep variety in the game.
Shop: Item—buy coins or the full pack(Zyon Emblem) to help the game and expand your Zyon experience with all unlocked for a price.
In the game: Hold pink to rack up several points.
In the game: Press the blues to gain points. A perfect tap is on the one where the stars are tangent to the outer circle.
Game results after the song ends. Level up your characters to gain permanent bonuses.

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