Colopl Rune Story



A new game was released and it’s an ARPG. Just like dungeon instances, this game primarily has that element and with its cool animation art style, you will surely be hooked into this game. Standard elements include town building, collecting resources from buildings and monsters, doing instances and can be skipped once you get all three stars(with specific requirements) and leveling up your characters. What’s unique to me is that this game has a Soul Board, which is a stat/skill system where you use runes(acquired from quests and instances) and gold to power-up your characters’ stats and acquire skills. Overall, this game seems fun as long as you can handle two energy-based games. The dailies have generous amounts of jewels so if you like games with ‘freemium’ awards, then this is a game for you.

Quest Map
Town Map
Characters and Team Sections
Co-op Missions, where you can have a real-time player help you on certain quests.
The Shop—purchase high-grade weapons and characters using jewels.
Daily Quests and Achievements
Menu and Options
Chat System
Soul Board—upgrade your skills and stats using jewels and/or gold



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