Galaxy Shooter

Galaxy Shooter


When I was in my elementary days, I used to go to arcades to play shooter games like these. How time flies; technology shaped the way people play retro games and embedded into their smartphones. But generic is generic. There are way too many games like these without taste, just having the elements of plane-shooter games is enough, much like this game. I initially thought this game would amaze me like Garena’s Thunder Strike, but it only had some of the elements of Thunder Strike but left out all the good parts like upgrade varieties and stuff. You could finish all the stages without upgrading your aircraft in just a day and if you’re pro enough, you can finish all stages within 3-5 hours tops. (Finished mine half a day). You can check out the gameplay, it’s fun, but the generic feel of it kinda let me down a bit.


Triple Town

Triple Town


Better than most tile puzzles. Match 3 or more tiles to combine into a space-saving,upgraded tile which grants you more points. Grass turns into bushes, bushes turn into trees, trees turn into houses and houses into mansions. Watch out for bears! They take up a tile each and moving depending on luck and pathways available. When bears die, they turn into tombstones and combining 3 tombstones turns them into a church, which grant points. Making 3 more churches beside one of them turns all 3 of them into a cathedral. Gain as much points as you can before you run out of spaces to place your tiles. In comparison, most tile games are so generic that Triple Town looks like a diamond in the rough. Watch my gameplay video to see how I appreciate the game by taking my time in playing it.

Tap Minions

Tap Minions


Boring. That’s the ultimate description. If you’d rather have to play tap games, go for a more generic tap game like Tap Titans. This game is legit boring as far as my first impression goes. This is the least enjoyable tap game in all tap games I’ve played so far (don’t know other existing ones, there may be even more). If you’re curious as to why I kind of bash on this game, then try watching the gameplay.

Battleborn Tap

Battleborn-TapBattleborn TapBBT2Revive BB

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So the hype on Battleborn is on, huh? I’ve no money whatsoever to purchase the game and resorted to the mobile game they released called Battleborn Tap. Well, it’s the usual—tap games. One thing about this game that perks me up everytime I open it is the pack opening. Now, this seems a bit cliche but the pack openings are the same as other tap games, wherein you open it and it contains gems, equips, etc. It’s probably the colors that entice me in playing this game. Epic packs contain epic content and other common items. Upgrading these equips take time as you have to collect orange shards from normal packs but it is rewarding in the long run. Having to upgrade that epic gear into its legendary form gives you that accomplishment feel and makes you feel alive compared to other generic tap games. Try it out! I give this one an equal trade with Attack on Moe, my first favorite.


unnamed (1)

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I used to play Elsword years back. It was fun while it lasted before I got busy on my college days. Recently, I saw news on the game going mobile! Having the opportunity to beta test the game, it’s like you’ve shrunk your computer and be able to play it right out of your pocket! The modern innovation of smartphones made this possible for Elsword fans and newcomers as I have enjoyed this game way back before it was cool. The only problem I had with this game was its ‘generic’ reiteration of most google play games. Tutorial-driven quests are kind of boring so I had high hopes of this game when I played it but maybe after reaching the ‘non-tutorial’ stages of the game, it may have its cool effects and gameplay right after. I never got to the point of going through this game to the middle stages since I have more game reviews to come and it’s not like I hate the game because of the tutorial-based gameplay, but I play games that are ‘ultimately’ awesome. You know? Those games where even after installing and uninstalling so many games on your phone, you still keep it as it is because it’s ‘ultimately’ fun and for my taste, I take the games that require less attention but still fun like tap games.

See my playthroughs above and I halted on the advance in my games at gameplay number 3 as it is the point where you are to grind a bit to advance to the next stages of the game, upgrade your equips, deal with your pets, leveling up and so on and so forth.

Hope you like this layman’s review on the game and subscribe to my YouTube channel for more videos to come! I’d appreciate it also if you’d leave a like or a comment to boost my morale because that’s what keeps me motivated in making more videos for you guys. Thanks and ciao!~

Nekopara Vol.0

#1 | #2 | #3

It’s been on my desktop for so long now. I’ve played the first series, Nekopara Vol.1 and during that time, I was not able to film it, but maybe next time, i’ll replay it to post up on my youtube channel.

For newcomers, what is Nekopara?

It is a visual novel that revolves around the story of a patissier who owns six(6) catgirls and their everyday life.
Catgirls are girls that are… well—CATS. In Japan, cats are called Neko, where the title came from and para from paradise. Thus, Nekopara means “Cat Paradise”. Additionally, this game as well as its former (and the Vol.2) contains NSFW content and images, movements so stay alert when in public or non-private moments when playing/watching this.

If you’re interested, check out my gameplay/playthrough above to get the gist of the game.

Note: Nekopara Vol.0 is the prequel to Vol.1 (obviously), but the release date of this game was scheduled later than the first because this game is a fandisc, meaning was made because fans requested for more than just the release of the first game.

One more thing, Vol.2 was released earlier this year and of course, I will be making a video out of that too. 🙂 Keep checking my blog for updates and my youtube channel for more android game reviews and unboxing and stuff. Ciao!~

Bushido Bear

bushido bear


Alpha Bear was a game I enjoyed because it’s a word game, not to mention it has bears. Cute, blocky, rectangular bears! Now, the same company, Spryfox, released a game called Bushido Bear. In this game, you tap to dodge incoming projectiles, swipe to make path which also slices nearby enemies and gain gold to make upgrades such as sword size, attack speed, dash speed and improving your final attack/ultimate. You can also unlock other ninja bears for added variation on your gameplay, as each bear has different pros and cons. Currently, there are 4 maps/stages that you can accomplish.

Check out the gameplay on the link above to see how the game works.