Clash Royale — My Conventional Decks



PBP( Play-By-Play)

Early game I start to drop the collector as soon as possible(if I have it), since most players wait out the first ten elixirs to dish out their combos. You may be down to 1-3 elixirs at this time depending on what elixir mark you dropped the collector so be ready for counterattacks and the purpose of the goblin spears, archers and knights in your deck is the reason for the meatshield since they have low elixir counts. If you’re lucky enough, you may have a bomb tower and an arrow card in your first hand of cards and as the saying goes, “The best defense is the best offense”. Drop that bomb tower around one or two vertical boxes in the middle of your field so as to have the area of control. Don’t put it a box away from the river or else your arena towers won’t hit air units when your opponent retaliates. With this in mind, you have your core for the first 10-20 seconds of the game, considering that no counterattacks happened yet. After the elixir-bomb tower drops, you should be experiencing the foes determination to destroy that bomb tower and since you have the arrow card and your ground units(hopefully), it is easier to defend this bomb tower. You may ask, “Why put down the buildings first? It’s a drag!”. Well for one reason is to shuffle the deck into your main offense such as the prince-freeze combo. If no counterattacks happen, wait out a bit but do not let your elixir bar freeze or your collector would be a waste of your early efforts. You put in an elixir collector in this deck so that you can make your mid-minute offense. By this time, you should know when to lay down your cards and always remember, defense before offense.

Tips on the Field of Battle

  • If you’re aiming for a rise in trophies and a win for an open slot of chests, always prioritize your camp, it’s better to draw than to lose.
  • Usually when a game starts, you are introduced with the opponent and you can tap the screen to cancel the intro. This is not much of an advantage but tapping and knowing your cards right off the bat while most players are still stuck in the intro can help you have a quick attack by dropping units immediately, leaving them baffled for a few milliseconds (or up to a second or two) and leaving them in a state of panic. This is a double-edged sword—it may or may not help you have a surprise attack. You can use this on new players.
  • Position your huts/elixir collector next to(no gap between) your king’s tower. Some people throw in a free fireball, arrow, rocket, lightning, zap or any damaging spells when they think they need a card other than the ones mentioned. Most of these hits are concentrated in taking down that elixir/hut but if they throw it in(and accidents do happen) and miscalculated their aims toward that building, a probability of hitting the king’s tower in the early stages will boost your defensive power immensely since the king’s tower does not fire/retaliate unless damaged.
  • Laying down heavy-elixir units like the prince and giant requires defense immediately. Most players have horde of minions/minions, spear goblins, skeletons, army of skeletons to fend off giants and princes. Tip here is once you lay down a heavy-elixir unit(because they’re deadly), you should have an arrow card or a zap card ready to eliminate minis. To lessen the possible damage on your heavy unit, grab the spell card and aim/ready it on a certain portion of the ground where your unit is approaching. Once you see/anticipate the dropping of mini-cards, immediately release your aim so as to maximize the potential of your heavy unit to lay waste to the enemy’s arena tower without much damage received.




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