Zen Koi


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[UPDATE:April 28,2016] Basic Koi ascension to dragon added.

I have heard of Agar.io and the likes, where you consume other players to become bigger and stronger. Those who have less to eat, will not be able to consume the bigger ones. It’s “Survival of the Fittest” and Zen Koi is much like this game.

Current Koi details and stats

First off, I was welcomed with this name — Kishiro Sutato (Start?). Kishiro would mean this, and probably Sutato would mean start (as an anime fan, I know this). There’s no tutorial beforehand, but when you start moving you are greeted with a pop-up tutorial on what you have to do—to eat and to grow. Do avoid the thorny plants as they slow you down significantly and this may affect you while chasing your food. After you eat your first meal, you are introduced to the stat system, where you upgrade your attributes such as Agility, Speed and Rarity.

Agility—Higher agility means your koi can make sharper turns, and also lunge at targets from further away.

Speed—allows you to swim faster and improves your chances of catching the faster targets.

Rarity—higher rarity increases the chance that rare colours will be passed on to your offspring.

Upgrading speed and agility would be the top priority as a starting player. Rarity can go later in mid game when you can chase down food much faster.

unspecified (2)
After chasing another Koi, this menu pops up

There are other objectives to this game such as mating with other fishes of your size, resulting to offsprings which will be added to your collection later on. Another objective is to expand your pond through eating food (collecting food) of a certain type to evolve into gems. Once you have the required gems to activate a symbol, it will swirl around your koi and you have to find the symbol in the pond. Once you deliver it at the specified location, your pond will increase in size and additional food will be available for you to feed on and expand your pond again.

unspecified (3)
Materials needed to expand your pond

The mechanics would also be a lot like Agar.io but with a different approach of elements and that this game involved fishes. Also, there’s an Ascension system where your koi probably evolves into a dragon. Will update when progress attained. The menu looks like this.




The ascension brings your koi into a state of being a dragon and then frees up a slot in your koi list. Then the game rewards you with Dragon Point(s) depending on how rare your evolution is and since this white one was so basic, only 1 Dragon Point. Also, you earn pearls (premium currency) to spend on premium options in-game. You can rinse and repeat the process for other kois and find rarer fishes to ascend or to keep depending on your needs. Since this is a game of collection, you may want to spend time with this game if you like it and as for me, I’m into JRPGs and other games so I’ll leave my account at this.




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