Werewolf Tycoon


Rating | Gameplay

Brings back memories when playing those JPRGs where graphics like these were popular. Werewolf Tycoon is a bit of a pixel game and a casual game for those times where you want to burn a few minutes while waiting for something.

Your objective is to hide in the bush, ambush, and survive the night. You start off in the bush. People start walking in different directions in the park and you tap on them to throw them into the air and gain a point. Beware though, when people panic (arms in the air), they are witnesses to your abomination. You can choose to eat them or to hide in the bush again. When the night ends, scores will tally up and show you the scores and the witnesses that saw you. The more witnesses, the more likely that you will incur the wrath of the army. Try to eat as much as possible all the while maintaining stealth (yes, like a ninja) in the bush and keeping out of witnesses (or choose to devour the witnesses to remove them from the tally). If you incur so much witnesses, the next night will be your end, as the army will arrive and either choosing to hide in the bush or going out to snatch one of the army will still result in your death from either starving(not eating a single person) or being shot.

Rolling up a human being to swallow
Say your prayers




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