Girls Reload “The Outbreak”

girls outbreak

Rating | Gameplay

This game reminded me of those times I spent playing gunner girls in school. This is much like those MORPG (yes, it isn’t massive) games where you are automatically directed to a certain quest with no trouble, you play a skirmish game with a stage, you finish it then you are awarded with gold, silver coins to upgrade your equipments, character and juke it out with other players on a PVP platform or something.

You start off like any other tutorial—in a facility. You push through zombies with your weapon (which looks badass by the way) and you complete it through an assistant that guides your way throughout the game if you encounter a new occurrence like for example, using your weapons, your skills, upgrading your gear and so on. You receive your tutorial level ups and be given a backpack where you can store your items, drops from monsters, chests and many others. I’ve had my fair share of these types of online games in Google Play and most I don’t even play through mid levels because it’s not my genre to play but it is entertaining while it lasted.


Level up! Stat growth, woohoo!
Unlimited slot space, wish every game had this.
Mission briefing
Boss time!
After-mission rewards


Reach a certain level, unlock main quest, rinse and repeat






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