Top 10 Lessons (Frozen)


Here I am, watching the famous Disney movie, Frozen — in 2015, where probably all the people in the universe have already memorized the song Let it Go and Do You Wanna Build a Snowman.

Can’t help but laugh-fart (yeah, the moment where you simultaneously laugh AND fart) at the crazy lessons that I made up in my mind from the movie. So to commemorate this grandeur movie, I think I’ll post a gag portion on every fun movie I watch. For Frozen, here goes nothing! (even if it isn’t funny, please force a laugh out of these, have mercy on my soul)

1) Trick a girl into kissing you then don’t kiss her, because evil deeds are more important than kissing a hot,young sister of a queen(who is also hot). Dumb

2) Selling ice will lead you to a hot girl.
 3) Eat nothing but carrots. Because chicks dig carrots.
4) Provoke an angry abominable snow/ice monster so you can get a free date with a hot girl.
5) Don’t be jealous if your younger sister gets married first.

6) Always bring  makeup, lipstick and girly shenanigans when you exile yourself in your ice castle—so that you’ll look beautiful—to NOBODY because no one lives in a frikkin’ ice castle up the snowy and blizzard-y mountains.


7) Buy a sled, chicks love sleds.
8) Hit your sister with an ice bolt, because throwing a snowball is too mainstream.
9) Talk with trolls. They WILL DEFINITELY help you.
10) Marry the guy/girl you just met.
And to bid you guys farewell, here are my bonus edited snapshots for you.



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