Strikers 1945 & Strikers 1999


Recently thought about playing a retro-shooter game. What came to mind was the famous 90s arcade game called Strikers 1945. Here I am playing a round of its descendant, Strikers 1999 on the android rendition.

I’ve had a quick play through of all the stages and I die (like a pro) every time. Forgive me, I’m just too conscious on my first review material for my YouTube channel (so watch me play and die miserably on the video).

Notice that there are many different planes that you could unlock by either gems(may be accumulated by playing tons of rounds or by buying gems to support the developer) or you could complete the quests as opposed to using gems. Upgrades are also available with the use of gems, so better stock up those gems and save it for upgrades.

Will be updating this post for further analysis(and of course, Theory crafting) when I have my hands free(or after my hiatus).


Free to Play
Multiplayer Mode (Real-time competition for ladder rank)
Offline and/or Online

GP (Google Play) Rating: 4.4/5

AoL Rating: 4.8/5
— for a retro-based game, I’d share this to anyone who haven’t had any experience playing arcade shooter games way back 90s. This kind of game was the rage way back then along with Samurai Showdown and King of Fighters.


DMGThis version has the in-game sounds.




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