Pokemon Shuffle


Newcomers were excited about the release of the said Pokemon game. Upon release though, I saw a bit more of the negativity and hopelessness of comments around the internet but as a gamer, you shouldn’t expect anything; just play it.

On to my next point, this game is identical to Candy Crush but with a bit of modification — Pokemon tiles!

The quest continues — forever. Here we have quests and pre-requisite levels to unlock the next one. Just like any other android game, the same “to unlock next level, beat this level first” kind of thing. Just before diving into battle, there’s a pre-battle shop where you can spend coins to unlock bonus shenanigans to help you win the fight. When the battle starts, the add-ons will take effect, whether it be prolonging the cooldown of enemy pokemon’s skills or having extra turns to have that last hit, it will happen. Also, you can shuffle your pokemons to better suit the opposite element rule and deal more damage to the opponent.
The goal is to match tiles (just like Candy Crush—which I did not play AT ALL!) and generate a tile of three in a line or more. The more tiles you pop, the bigger the damage dealt to the enemy pokemon. Planning multiple tile matches in a calculated or accidental move will deal more damage than the usual three and matching four or more of the same pokemon tile will unleash their special attack.After winning a battle, you are given the chance to capture that particular opponent based upon the number of turns and points accumulated. The more turns you have, the higher the chance of capturing it.


Free to Play
Offline and/or Online

GP (Google Play) Rating: 4.4/5

AoL Rating: 3.8/5
— I’m not a big fan of puzzles like these but they’re kind of refreshing, makes you burn a lot of time. Pokemon + Candy Crush = this rendition.

Here’s a link to a game skirmish and how it actually looks.



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