Pixel Towers

From the famous tower-stacking game during the time of symbian OS, a rendition of the Tower Blocks game came to android but in a grand pixelized version.

As the same from the original, the goal is to stack as much layers to make an endless tower. Each layer count as 15 points or what they call here as height. But be warned, every wrong drop will result to a decrease in layer segments. The decrease will be greater if you stray away from dropping the previous layer. There will be no point deducted but your accuracy on dropping with minimal segments will affect your performance for better or for worse. The game ends when you lose all segments from mis-dropping.
Aside from the original, this remake has power-ups. For these to take effect, players must first put down the bonus layer without losing the game — yes,most especially if you only have a single segment left.
The first one is the Slow Down buff, where it… Slows down(of course) the horizontal speed of the next layer to be dropped so that you can concentrate on the precision of your dropping. As experienced, the higher you stack, the horizontal speed increases a bit so this is useful for resetting it to a lower speed.
The next one is the Extra Stack buff,  where successfully putting down this bonus layer grants your next drop with either 1, 2 or 3 bonus layers on top of your single layer. In short, this bonus increases your score. Randomly, you can get 1-3 bonus layers so you can probably score a minimum of 30 and a maximum of 60 points with this buff activated in a single dropping.
Lastly, the Bonus Block buff is your ‘health potion’ in this game. What it does is recover a lost segment (if you lost any) or adding an additional segment if you still have the 4 segments intact, so you can have a maximum of 5 segments at a time so you can keep stacking and scoring.

For a newbie, I got this high. How about you?


Free to Play
Offline and/or Online

GP (Google Play) Rating: 4/5

AoL Rating: 4.5/5
— I have played Tower Blocks when I first had my Nokia 5320 Express Music and I was hooked on it. Then came out the 3D version of Tower Blocks which made me waste my time a lot more–productively. Never would have imagined I can play it again in like 4 years or so. Now with power-ups, I can say that this is addicting all over again.

Here’s a quick game on the house.


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