Pixel Hospital


By just guessing it, I had a hunch that this game would be kind of like the famous Diner Dash — and I pat myself on the shoulder knowing that throughout my gaming experiences, I did quite well on guessing what games like these would be like.

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By standards, it is like Diner Dash but with a little bit more of upgrades and a room cluttered with medical apparatuses instead of food tables.

Moreover, if you need assistants(extra workers), there’s only a single assistant that cost in-game currency while others on the upgrade screen costs real money but thanks to the game having already given you a fair share amount of virtual currency (in-game currency bought with real money) at your disposal, you could buy some helpers to make the game a lot more easier/challenging.


Free to Play
Offline and/or Online

GP (Google Play) Rating: 3.8/5

AoL Rating: 4/5
— I loved Diner Dash when I was a kid (like barely 6-10 years ago) and this rendition, coupled with a pixelated graphic system just makes me tingly. You know, that sensation when you are a fan of pixelated games like Battle City and other 90’s games. You can’t and shouldn’t ignore this game, simple yet gradually challenging.

Here’s a link to a game skirmish and how it actually looks and feels like playing.



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